We undertake turnkey projects including Civil, Electrical, Control & Automation and Instrumentation works related to
Power evacuation Substations / Switchyards and Transmission Lines upto 400 kV.

Non-Conventional Energy Sector
Conventional Energy Sector
Railway Electrification
Industrial Electrification
Manufacturing and Supply of BIO-COAL

Summary of credentials

Sl.No Description Unit Quantum of Works
01 EHV Substations upto 400kV Nos 46
02 S/C & D/C EHV Transmission Line upto 220kV RkM 241
03 33kV Transformer, Metering & VCB Yards for Wind Power Projects Nos 123
04 33kV Overhead lines for Wind Power Projects RkM 135
05 Distribution Transformer upto 22 kV Nos 2755
06 HT/LT Distribution Line RkM 100
07 Aerial Bunched Cables RkM 89
08 Under Ground Cables (upto 33 kV) RkM 129